While doing a signing in Mexico City I noticed a uniformed police officer in the crowd watching and taking a bunch of pics of me with his phone…

While signing dozens of books, shirts, hats and such, I was approached by this cop and asked if I could tag his undershirt. Be began to remove his uniform, bulletproof vest and such but asked that I tag on him inside and out of sight from the street corner cameras…

Not sure what more I can say about this. All I know is that I never would’ve thought this would happen if you asked me 20 years ago.

9 thoughts on “SO YEAH, I WROTE ON A COP

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  2. i have followed your career for the better part of fifteen years, had a thousand things to say about the latest piece or the newest details you pioneered that would be bitten and run into the ground…but i am speechless on this one.

  3. i woulda thought ‘set up’ n woulda prepared to get blackjacked. glad you made it out.

  4. RIME you have a real innovative though process. Highly respect what you have done and what you do. Mad respect for MSK as well.

  5. Dope shit

  6. Whoa, I guess when/if a glorious and violent revolution breaks out we can’t just kill ALL the cops, theres apparently a few chill good guys on the force. Who would’ve thought…

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