Last year while in Detroit, Revok took us to a long abandoned police station in the Highland Park section of Detroit. Wandering around, I came across a bunch of records left behind, scattered across the floors inside for several years. Below are a few arrest sheets I worked on. All of the arrests below happened between ’90 – ’95.

Anton Miller (above) got picked up for a warrant back in 1992. I incorporated the possible details of a 6am police raid on his home. Those who have had their doors kicked in at the crack of dawn can relate.

Ernest Cox, arrested March 4, 1995

Steven Whitfield, Charge: Disorderly Person

Ron Louis, Charge: Failure To Appear for Arraignment On Loitering – Making it rain, washed into the system, grab hold, get fucked or stuck on repeat

Demetrius Barnes, Charge: Receiving & Concealing (a good time)


  1. Wow! That’s a freaking dope concept!

  2. So…
    1) Shouldn’t those records have been disposed of properly, since they contain Social Security numbers and personal information.

    2) Since I would assume that many of the people are still alive, what are the ramifications of posting their personal information (specifically their SSN) on the web without their permission.

    While I think the concept is cool, I would be contacting a lawyer if this was my information spread across the web. Thoughts?

    • -It is extremely irresponsible of the police to leave all this information behind and so easily accessible.Some of these files were found outside!

      – While making the work I thought “why cover police mistakes or lack of consideration” in handling old files? I thought it would work more as a work of art to expose the situation for what it is, by leaving personal details to see in the work.

      I only picked up about 30 of these sheets out of possible hundreds or thousands scattered all over the place. Putting this online is definitely another layer I’m still thinking about. I see it more as art than a document.

      Thanks for asking.

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  4. These are really great! Any chance your selling prints?

  5. Isso é incrivelmente foda! Abraços desde o Brasil!

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