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John and his dog George are a fixture on Shoreditch High Street year round. His drawings of the east London land marks and portraits of George provide John with an escape from his demons. His past is tainted with living rough and addiction.
George is Johns closest companion , he and drawing are Johns one constant in life
Film by Will Robson-Scott
Edited by Luca Campanale
Music by Lj Kruzer-Tam814

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In 2012 the Graffiti world lost a great. NEKST will be missed forever for his bold and unrelenting style. His name will always be synonymous with what a true graffiti writer is. A group of friends gathered in Detroit to reproduce NEKST’S John Hancock on the front of the Detroit Museum of Contemporary Art.
Produced by the Seventh Letter
Directed by Bankshot
Shot by Lyndon French
Music by Clams Casino and Tame Impala
Special Thanks
All of the Artsists
The Seventh Letter
Olivia and Jordan


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