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Paraphrasing the man like Skeme ‘I never started graffiti to do canvas I never started writing graffiti to go to Paris I started graffiti to bomb all lines period”
When I was 14 and started doing graffiti I started to just do something cool and make a name for myself, I never ever thought I’d do graffiti for my job let alone sell the paintings on canvas’s in a posh gallery. Read more HERE



So yeah, we were all supposed to be out this year to paint at the All City Jam in Dublin, Ireland. Leaving the day after 4/20 (weed day in the USA) was a pretty difficult task. My girl decided to throw a 4/20 BBQ, marinating kabobs in weed butter. On top of eating that, she shoved a piece of weed cake in my mouth as I was getting ready to pack for Ireland! Somehow a half hour chore lasted all night as I lost track of what was going on. That high lasted up until several hours after arriving in Dublin. It took a day for us to realize that Revok did not miss his flight, but was arrested at the airport. We did our best to carry on and make the most out of our time in Dublin.

Sick ass Charlie Brown burglar on a tight white tee…

Host 18 stopped by the wall but decided not to paint…

The center spot between the Rime & Aroe was left undecided until we returned on Easter Sunday. With no ideas of what to paint and the constant ringing of church bells marking the holiday, we decided to pay tribute to god with a thugged out graffiti Jesus. Hats off to Aroe for nailing em’ (no pun intended)…

As far as I know, the parking lot attendant took some left over spray cans left in the lot and decided to paint this on the wall. Not sure exactly what’s going on here?…

While painting the Revok piece, this Polish Hip Hopper was watching out of the window of his 3rd floor apartment building. He was so hyped that he set his speakers up to play music down to me. He figured out that I was down with anything Wu related and played a whole Cappadonna album on loop…

Anti Easter street gang…

Many thanks to Olan at All City for hosting us and organizing another successful event!


Sunny Day in LA

Painting an Exchange sketch by Aroe

pencil sketch by Aroe…

I did rework some areas of the sketch out of habit (especially the face of the “E” and the bottom of the “M”). Hopefully I didn’t go too far with it? The palm tree dude was a quick afterthought. I wanted to add some sort of character but was limited with space. Some cool arrow jump-offs had to be sacrificed.

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Tribute, UFC Halftime, & Collaboration

Here is a recent wall i worked on for AROE. I worked on the piece one afternoon and left it to go watch UFC matches at Tyke’s . That night I got a visit from an obsessed fan. This person really has a crush on our crew! So this sort of became a collaboration between this idiotic tool and myself. I have been getting pretty good at cleaning crossed out pieces. We look forward to catching this clown one day.

On another note, it turns out that this piece could say both AROE and GARY. For the record that is not the Monopoly man. The Monopoly man was supposed to be a John D. Rockefeller type Industrialist. This guy is a tea sipping English gentleman, I drew while at the beach last month.


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