Roughly 5am and laid out on an ER stretcher in downtown Detroit. Hooked up to an IV with steroids to fight off a violating case of Pneumonia, I was lounged and listened to a masked crack dealer laying beside me, enthusiastically muffled, connected to an asthma machine. “You sound like Danny De Vito, you from New York huh? How the fuck they sell crack out there with all those cops?”. This dealer goes on the tell me how if you make more that 10k slinging in his neighborhood you have to cut in the cops, the curruption and jailing of Detroit’s mayor, and how he was passed out on a sofa in the trap, high as fuck on some banger weed, post dome from a customer. “Woke up in shock an shit, unable to breathe an called an ambulance cause I was gon die”.

After hours of that type of talk it was 8am. Time for discharge, a cab back to the Detroit hotel /casino I was staying at for a few successful hands of black jack, to get in the game for a full day of shooting of the following video…

In Detroit the streets be wild and only the most thug motherfuckers come out on top, falling on both sides of the law. Veteran detective Rimessy Foley diffuses terrorists attacks, lays the hammer down on sucker mc’s, and comes up on dealers and crackheads. But at the end of the day he always finds time to artfully violate his paper work and rewrite the Arrest Sheet.

“Sit around long enough and you’re bound to come up with something interesting. Whether it’s an all night drawing session, or a series of half-joking ideas blurted out in brainstorming meetings at the 1xRUN headquarters to come up with something new for a promo video.The only agreed upon point was that if we’re going to put out a video, we might as well have fun making it. Our main goal was to create something obscenely retarded, but cool. Whether it’s on found arrest sheets or in a three minute online video, a bullshit story thrown out there should come across as amusing, somewhat offensive, and (hopefully) viewable.” – Rime

Arrest Sheets by RIME
On Sale Friday February 8th at 12pm
Exclusively Available at 1xRUN at http://1xrun.com/runs/Arrest_Sheets

30 Felony Edition Print Sets –
Five Arrest Sheet Prints Hand-Embellished, Signed & Numbered by RIME
Embellished Coffee Folders
Laminated Print Sleeves
Embossed Deluxe Wrap Sheet Folder

20 Misdemeanor Edition Print Sets –
Five Arrest Sheet Prints Signed & Numbered by RIME
Highland Park Arrest Sheet Folder

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Below are a few of the pieces shown in December’s opening of “Snap Back”, Dangerous Drawings About New York. A few of these works traveled around with me and were worked on over the course of a month or so. Plenty of subtle / random shit tied in…

“Status Fraction Guaranteed”

“Snatch In”


“Graffiti In The Parking Lot”

“Wild Pile”

“Don’t You Want Me?”

“Sunset Park”

“Dangerous Joseph Shit”

“Side Control”


For a recap on the show check the Klughaus blog HERE

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Below is an email from Russ Corvey, a 60 year old jazz musician from North Carolina. He bumped into THIS alley way in East Hollywood and let me know how he felt about it

one of the walls in the alley by Revok, Rime & Ewok

“So … I’m a 60-year old jazz musician/creative director who now lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, visiting my 27-year old son, a film editor, who lives in North Hollywood. When we visit him, the time is usually consumed with chores and family stuff. But this time, I promised myself I would do something for me, so Friday morning, around dawn, while everyone else is sleeping, I grab my camera and set out to find some street art – tags? graffiti? I don’t know much about that world, but I love that Banksy, Mr. Brainwash thing (whatever the hell that thing is) and kinda want to know more.

Now L.A. is a pretty sprawling place, agreed? And I don’t have a lot of time, and I don’t know where I’m going – but I set my iPhone map thing to “Korea Town” and 20 minutes later I’m wandering around the back streets looking for … whatever. Shit … just off Western Avenue, getting ready to make a left, I pass this alley. I practically pissed in my pants. What cosmic force brought me there?

I stood in that alley for an hour – I shot dozens of pictures, but a lot of time I just stood and looked – didn’t want to see it thru a viewfinder. I got a little lightheaded a couple of times – I listened to some music, which was a stunning experience (for me, Pat Metheney was a beautiful compliment to the sights).

I was giggling, grinning – and even got a little teary-eyed when I thought about the gift I was receiving that morning – while people were heading to their jobs. I realize now this alley is probably a very celebrated place, but in that moment, it felt like this was all mine – just for me. Earlier this year I was in London, and in a similar fashion, stood on the Waterloo Bridge at dawn, shooting the city – this was like that. The stuff that people do with their lives – buildings, bridges, art, music, dance – I just don’t have words.

So – thank you – thank you – thank you! I will never forget what I saw Friday morning.

Russ Corvey

PS: As if stumbling on your joyful art wasn’t enough of an incredible coincidence, a few years ago I wrote a song called … “Jersey Joe” – MP3 is attached here…”



This video covers the process of Rime, KC, Dabs & Myla leading up to the opening of SKETCHY M%#HERFUCKERS / LATE NIGHT LOVERS at Known Gallery in Los Angeles. With Lea Bruno following Rime around, this video offers a behind the scenes look at how inspiration was taken in (ingested), and spit out in some odd all night sessions at the Gallery.

This video in a way is a part two to RIME & SKETCHY M%#HERFUCKERS: http://vimeo.com/41274919

*The Dita Von Teese rant was influenced by stack of THESE LA Weekly newspapers, off to the corner of the gallery.


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