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After a two month long residency in Paris, France,  I am please to present my second solo show at Galerie Wallworks. Showing over 20 new paintings created in Paris and New York City. Opening reception – Thursday April 2nd, 7-10 pm. For catalogue and show information please contact Claude Kunitz at contact@galerie-wallworks.com




My thought process while creating work for this show –

What a pain in the ass it is to tell the truth. To do what you want while embracing actions in an unapologetic way. At times you question what is off the cuff, and what was meticulously plotted long before you said it. Genuine connection to universal meaning. Honesty. To somehow dazzle and offend all at the same time, as a junky for odd circumstance. You want to believe you’re always on. That you’re this cache of engaging life experience, that is so abundant, so graceful as it’s spilled all over others. Dilemma. Infectious questions are the answer… Running as fast as you can from that fine line between corny and cool. Seasoned storyteller with a dysfunctional sense of humor. 90% proof. You want to believe that you have it all figured out under the flag of always being in the process of figuring it out. Fighting the guilt of sleeping past noon. Commitment to the line. Expecting more than the line of “I like the colors though”.


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NEW PRINT RELEASE BY DAVE PERSUE AND 1XRUN. This RUN comes signed, numbered and with a Certificate of Authenticity from Persue and 1xRUN.

16 x 20 Inches 8 – Color Screen Print On 140lb Fine Art Paper
Note: This print contains Glow-In-The-Dark elements that are light responsive.


Also check Persue’s interview…

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Letters First Soldier Getting Hypnotized In Times Square

While the Letters First minions were out in Times Square creatively panhandling we couldn’t help but notice this guy Mr. P hypnotizing a guy in a Spiderman costume. After watching a second hypnosis demonstration and feeling skeptical, I ordered Canadian head minion, Ayo Son to go over and volunteer to be hypnotized. Ayo was given strict instructions to fight the hypnosis in an effort to truly test it’s validity.

3:00 Ayo is under Mr.P’s control
6:17 He knocks him out cold
7:44 the cops show up to break up the crowd while Ayo is knocked out

I was shocked to discover hypnosis is real. As best as Ayo could fight it, he fell under the spell and was at the mercy of MR.P.


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