Painting With Aussies & Witnes In LA

Dabs & Myla

Omega by Vans

Painting a piece based off of an Askew sketch for The Exchange


While we were painting, Ewok called and told us MJ just kicked the bucket. He urged us to be the first to Paint a tribute to the the self proclaimed “King of Pop”. Augor came through and started on the character. I stepped in, giving Jacko a face lift and added in some small details. Vans even joined in by putting some jewels on the glove. I originally wanted to write “Touching Young Fans From The Grave And Beyond” and have MJ’s grave site with a large tombstone. I would of had his arm coming out of the ground, grabbing onto a young boy’s thigh… Maybe next time?

3 thoughts on “Painting With Aussies & Witnes In LA

  1. keen to see the alternate jacko charo sometime soon for all us not blind to the reality 😉

  2. また、非常に良い治療のためftこれらによって撮影靴を正当化する拍手します。あなたがスリップするときは基本ミニ バッグ、sockless のそれを行います。保持する で 脳 こだわるなら 物理的な外観。 人々 経験豊富な されて 驚かれる によって、完全 トピック の
    やす シープスキン バッグによって伝達されます。

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