CIDER MSK Holding It Down In Bangkok, Thailand

Cider writes: That tall-ass building behind the silver is a massage parlor. Believe it or not…it is like a hotel. The spot is called COLONZE 4…owner is so rich they got like 4 to 5 mega branches around Bangkok. Again the spot is on one of the busiest streets in Bangkok, RAMA 9. To the side of it is like a grimey ass club called DA VINCI. Check out the architectural structure of it. Funny futuristic…

Cider writes: This spot is on the way to the airport so it is a must to be seen regardless of how u get to the Suwanaphum International Airport here in Bangkok. Mad cars be passin’ through everyday! Another busy street. Check out the canal…Black as fuck! You won’t want to get dropped in there….shit is so grimey that once you fall in, you probably mutate into some kind of monster!

3 thoughts on “CIDER MSK Holding It Down In Bangkok, Thailand

  1. what the fuck!??? this fool is in msk !?? ARE YOU SERIOUS fuck they let anybody into this legendary crew now?? fuck think about all the great kings and legends in msk and you have the nerve to write msk… how can you be shitty in suk and msk !!! you must be licking good ass you non active homo !!!!!!!

  2. Real writers know that to be in a good crew, its not always about your style. Its about the quality of the person, bout being a family and people that are down….. besides hes got letters.
    Nuff said

  3. cider is definitely a stand up person, he just runs shit. he takes tourists around to paint vacant lots and to fuck whores. I’m jealous of his muscles 😦

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