GOOD GRAFFITI (Subway Era Edition)

Here are some random images collected from the web. Graffiti from the New York Subway Era.


Earth Is Hell by Lee

Crime Don’t Pay by Lee

Silent Thunder by Lee

White by Dondi CIA 1978

Revolt RTW 1984

Take it from the champs…

Some good tags on that lay up wall… Iz, Sach, Vamm, P13, Min…


Dero TFA

Baby 168

SAD by Web One

Track2 (Tekay) TNR

Ghost Ris, Fib STM


Ne (Min) RTW


Ven, Reas, Take

Trike, Shy, Ne

Ghost RIS


2 thoughts on “GOOD GRAFFITI (Subway Era Edition)

  1. Since I’ve been heavily influenced by a Staten-Island-based writer named Skope, I always wondered who had an effect on his style. Therefore, I thank you for posting these pics because I now see it was Sak that had an impact on Skope’s style. The color-scheme, the 3-D’s, and especially the letters S and K…thanks for sharing these…peace.


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