Chain3 TMT

I recently came across Chain3’s Flickr profile. It’s good to see guys like him still at it!

Originally from The Bronx, Chain3 started tagging in 1973, and hitting subways in 1974. Setting trends and standards, Chain3 is the first to bring certain style elements into graffiti. Chain writes: “I am the creator of the Forcefield, The Drop clips (bits), The cobblestones (interior designs) that curve around the inside of letters, and the Splash behind a piece!”

You can see more of his early work and some recent wall productions on his flickr profile HERE

Word by Chain3, Worm, Warm

TeeBag by Chain3, Tean5th

Chain3, Fed


Holding a Chain 3 – Graffiti 12″ record from 1984

2 thoughts on “Chain3 TMT

  1. From -C.DEEE.3 of the 0RIGINAL FANTASTIC PARTNERS chain 3 I just spoke 2u on 4292017.Remember we AR Thee original 0f our Generation and will all ways B Peace 2 BOT 707 FEED 165 TFP TEAN N CAIN And all the artist that keep the ART A LIVE B.Bless C.DEEE.3

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