Copy Cat in Perth, Australia

A study of one of my paintings found on a wall in Perth Australia…

The reference…

While on the topic of copying and Perth, my friend and fellow crew member Stormie was recently contacted by a Perth woman looking to have the image from Jersey Joe art show flyer reproduced on a wall in her bosses home. What the fuck is up with this old ass image? It must pop up often on some Google searches?

Here is what the Perth woman wrote to Stormie:
“Hey how are ya? I’m looking for someone to graff my bosses wall in Atwell south of the river this week. Of course will pay, and you where recommended by Rob Gosciminsk. I have attached the pic he wants done on a 2.4m wide 2.5 m high wall, and the writing changed to Charlie Rose. Would much appreciate it if you could help. Even if you can’t, would u know someone who could?

Thank you,

Leah Whitmore”

Stormie writes:
“I got this email the other day just wanted you to know I told them it was uncool to rip off another artist, even worse to do it to a good friend of mine’s work. I said I’d be happy to arrange for you to come over and do it for them, but they didn’t want that. I then said, a friend of mine from here [who works in colours] could do his thing for them, but they decided to find some other cheap & nasty I’m sure.

I don’t know where they got your design from it’s kind of flattering in a way that someone over here wanted your work but not cool that they wanted someone to rip it off for them.”

3 thoughts on “Copy Cat in Perth, Australia

  1. i dont like the idea of anyone ripping someone elses work off but you have to consider that the replication of original art is done all the time. i can understand that it might be frustrating to have someone copying a work but personally i would not have much of an issue until i knew that the work was going to be used for commercial purposes.

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