The Beach, Planes, Freights & a Movie…

During last weeks heatwave, I was down at the beach swimming with a friend visiting from New Zealand.

I got a call to stop what I was doing to jump on a plane that night, to arrive somewhere in the Midwest, to paint freights for an upcoming Tony Scott movie, starring Denzel Washington. At the time the last thing I felt like doing was getting on a plane to Anywhere, USA. After some back and forth negotiations, I agreed to pack it up and jump on the next red-eye to Cleveland.

Although the flight was first class and nobody was sitting next to me, I couldn’t seem to get any sleep on the flight (got to watch Sunshine Cleaning though). I arrived at 6am in Cleveland and was greeted by a driver who took me about an hour south to Brewster, Ohio.

Morning traffic outside of Brewster…

Once in the freight yard I was given a tour of the yard (riding in a golf cart) and filled in on what the purpose of the graffiti was. I saw the crews working hard to add new logos to engines and box cars.

Aye Dub!

I started off by walking the lines a bit and randomly placing graffiti on some cars.

I then headed back to a hanger and started on some panel pieces.

I was supplied with two wheel barrels of Rusto & Valspar (male and female valves). I did my best to make it work on no sleep, freestyling as i went.

Some of the filler…

Piled into the bed of a pick-up with the workers on the way to the catering tent…

Back to painting…

After a while I felt that the stock-tips were working better than the fat caps for outlining…Getting tired…

Really tired…

Ate some Amish chicken for dinner and managed to knock one more out…

In total I was in the yard for over 15 hours on no sleep, but i was determined to knock it all out in one day. Went back to the hotel dirty as fuck and passed out before I could jump in the shower.

Clean and rested the following morning. Waiting in the Hotel lobby.

Day flicks…


Be on the look out for “Unstoppable” coming out about this time next year.

15 thoughts on “The Beach, Planes, Freights & a Movie…

  1. Thats insane. Goes to show: you got money, hey you do whatever you want… Tony Scott has some very interesting and hefty titles under his belt I must say.
    Congrats on making the day work out (I KNOW how burnt you must have been in the end haha…!!) Thanks for sharing, really interesting stuff indeed.
    Peace out bro.
    Timmy Tare

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  5. next to those AWR engines being repainted that Jerseyo was the best…. u musta been hella tired but that opportunity would be fuckin out of this world, i hope u took full advantage.

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