The Exchange – Group Collaboration

Here is a recent wall I painted in Los Angeles with Ewok & Pose. For this wall we decided to take The Exchange project in a slightly different direction. We showed up to the wall all late and with no sketches, our plan was to bounce around and contribute a bit to each piece on the wall.

We decided that each of us will sketch two letters of each others name. What I mean is:

For EWOK – I painted the initial sketch of th E & W, then POSE sketched his O & K

For POSE – EWOK sketched the P & O. Afterward, I stepped in fucking around with my left hand (bad hand), setting out to do the goofiest sketch possible.

It ended up looking really cool in my opinion, but wasn’t right for the wall. So I buffed it our and resketched the S & E

For RIME – POSE sketched the R & I, followed by EWOK’s rough sketch of the M & E

Overall this was an interesting experience. It’s been a while since I tried painting a capital “I”. If you look close you can see how each of us changed what we were given and in that process, making it our own… Word-

17 thoughts on “The Exchange – Group Collaboration

  1. Thanks, I did the “S” sarcastically but got into a groove by the “E”. The “E” I sketched reminded me of this “E” on a CAP ONE panel from the early 80’s.

    I remember Nace showing me this old documentary with you and Revenge painting out in NJ. There was some really fresh vintage footage in that video. Could you tell me the name of that doc? Any idea on how to get a hold of it?

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  3. This wall is absolutely amazing. What an awesome idea, i dont think ive ever seen colors pop off like this in my life. Wow-lucky enough to meet Pose in chicago, what a cool dude. Props to this wall, i wish it were in my backyard. You guys killed it, as usual.

    -and maybe next time you guys should just paint the whole thing with your left hands, seeing as though it produces what ^^he said that vintage 80s flavor. dammn!

  4. We’ve been using that exact same technique over here but for whole walls, with five guys painting all parts of each others fills and background.

    Dope wall.

  5. I just started painting again and man I used to suck but no I think I have more confidence in my style and well seeing this graff motivates me to keep drawing. I found a spot in temecula ,Ca and I can’t wait for payday so I can buy more cans and tips and finish my project.

  6. I like how Ewok switched up the E halfway through. This shit is John Blaze. I wish you would’ve kept the 7th grade notebook ‘S’ for that Pose. It would’ve been fun to see what ridiculous shit that would’ve turned into.

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