Ink Stain On New Kicks

I recently picked up a new pair of Nike low tops while out of town. Within two days of wearing them I spilled ink from a drippy marker on the front top, of the right shoe. I tried scrubbing the stain off with paint thinner but all it did was smear Navy Blue across more of the shoe.

It came to the point that I was about to give up on these kicks and go out to get another pair. Then I thought about color matching the shoes with spray paint to cover over the stain… I tried it and it worked! Stone Gray 94 seems to be a perfect match! The matt finish was even the same.

6 thoughts on “Ink Stain On New Kicks

  1. I used to use flat black on my black sneakers back in the day when I couldn’t afford to get a new pair but wanted that “new” look.

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