Art Basel 2009

It seemed like a must to attend Art Basel this year in Miami. Just about everyone involved within Graffiti or the so called “Street Art” scene was in attendance. There was so much going on during the week that I barely had a chance to see it all. I feel that the work that was going on in the street was much more interesting than anything on display in the galleries.

I would have to say this was the best art event I have ever been to. No fights or unnecessary drama, just positive attitudes and top notch work. Much respect to Books, Typoe & Slow for helping to make this year a success.

A rough sketch of the “South Beach Savior”

Rain Delay

I decided to try another Graffiti piece. The letter combination is a real challenge. It is suspected that Miami style Jesus is blessing the piece with cocaine ala Scarface (see Sever’s)

The Witnes




Kem5, Rath, & Prey



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