What you like, What you do, & You

A quick piece, done with left over cans from the most recent "Graffiti" piece. Stuck on the tropical sunset color scheme

I am not the first to do most of the things that I do. It’s my take on things I’ve thought about or that influenced me. I’ve seen plenty examples of people who did similar methods (past and present).

I’m more concerned with innovation or building on past ideas, rather than forced inventiveness. I feel that the more you experiment (let go) the more likely that you will stumble upon something new, or at least new to you.

I feel that the fear of doing something that has been done before is what keeps people stuck in the same bullshit that they have been running for the past 10 or so years. Identities that fit within a box.

If your personality is truly tied in with your work, if your work is a natural reflection of yourself. Then what you do (original or not) will always be uniquely yours, no matter what style you do. Established ideas should get filtered through you with an interesting spin or straight up referenced without apology.

4 thoughts on “What you like, What you do, & You

  1. Yo dude! Ok so just finished checking the new entries, alot of very fresh and inspirational work indeed!
    I guess one just has to have the motivation, skillset (relative), time, and dedication to take ones graffiti journey to the next level. I will readily admit that a combination of factors, including my laziness and aparent lack of basic artistic skills have held me back; and now having a kid on the way sure will not make things easier in that department. But I guess in the end of ones life, one is left with memories, photos, and treasures from past experiences; I just regret that my graffiti journey, which has been SUCH a defining and immense part of my life, hasn’t taken me to a place where I could truely be satisfied with my pieces, endeavours, and identity as a graffiti artist.
    I am envious. I think you have by far achieved these levels, and that the sky is the limit for you!
    Congratulations my friend!
    Take care

  2. Having a kid is not the end of the line for your graffiti. I thought that way at one point too, but I think in a lot of ways, doing what you love to do and being dedicated to something you enjoy or something that you find fulfillment in, is one of the best examples you can set for your kid. Obviously, theres’ a potential downside to doing this stuff, especially when you have grown-man responsibilities, but just be smart about it. Don’t stop, become better and more focused in everything you do, and pass those qualities on to your kid.

  3. Thank you for that, I appreciate it. I guess I am just in one of those weird nostalgic-gettin-old-hasbeen moods. It’s come to the point where I don’t even “dare” sketch anymore becoz I am never satisfied with any of it… I just wonder how it got to this point.
    Anyway, its also a very nervous time for me, life changing events are 3 months away and I am so scared to screw up my kid already… Such a huge responsibility!

  4. Haha.. I see that one Mr.T.
    But you have been like that for years now..
    You just work too much. Get that lighter, and start that fire.

    But Joe, thats some good wisdom words.
    Where would graffiti have been if it where’nt(?) for inspiration?

    But you have gone a long way. TOP NOTCH.
    And it looks like more and more people see whats possible
    to do with spraycans and whatnot.
    Thanks to you and a lot of other guys.

    Stay stong, and keep on rolling!

    Mr.E from Up north Norway.

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