Next Time Kill or Rob Somebody…

That way you would be getting out of prison sooner.

8 years for spray painting on some walls (which has most likely been removed with a few gallons of paint). I personally know people who have done less time for more serious crimes:

2000, Manslaughter in NJ – 5 years
1999, Multiple accounts of armed robbery and assault – 7 years in NYC

and then you have the rapists:
“Rape carries serious penalties, and those penalties can be enhanced under a variety of circumstances. The average sentence for rape across the states is between 8 and 9 years.”

I bet the kid fucked up and went to court with a public pretender..

6 thoughts on “Next Time Kill or Rob Somebody…

  1. Didnt Obama Say injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere..

    Even “Koch” New that it wasnt reasonable to jail an offender for more than a couple of days/weeks.

    This kid should be working to pay off his fines rather than wasting tax dollars sittin in a cell.. It would cost 50 thousand a year to incarcerate the dude..

  2. Oh fuck that video enraged me when I saw it! 8 years for fucken graffiti!? You gotta be kidding me!! That sentence itself is a fucken crime! I wanted to climb through the computer screen and beat that fucken ugly dyke judge and that fat piece of shit prosecutor in the head with some kind of blunt instrument. Thats just fucken unbelievable. No offense to decent Americans, but certain communist countries are more lenient than America. I love American graff but holy shit I am happy that I don’t live there. 100% injustice. I hope that judge and prosecutor die!

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