Knowing When To Ruin Dinner?

After being out for over 8 hours in frigid temps we headed over to a well recommended Chinese food spot in Brooklyn. Defrosting in our seats at the restaurant, I ordered some soup and tea to start off with. After taking a spoonful of Wonton I felt something in my mouth that felt like a thin fish bone. I picked it out and saw it was a short strand of hair!

I had a choice to say something or flick it on the floor and continue eating. I decided that we were all too beat and tired to stress out about hair, so I kept it to myself. Finding hair in food happens to me every so often, on dates or when out with friends. I usually say nothing to try to avoid an uncomfortable situation with friends or the restaurant staff. Reording another portion of food, negotiating a free meal, or picking up and leaving all seems like too much trouble. Like some people that shit doesn’t really get to me.

5 thoughts on “Knowing When To Ruin Dinner?

  1. Dude, I bet that was an epic meal 😉 Hope you guys had a blast if you were out with who I think you were out with… Hit me up with flics! Now hey, don’t be shy… Yo.

  2. gross. thanks for keeping your mouth shut…. youre such a gentleman.
    even tho reading about it still made me gag. ill think it twice before going there again lol

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