With little sleep the night before, I rolled up to this wall with no real idea of what I wanted to do. I just knew I wanted to get it done before dark (failed on that one). All I had on me was this folded up doodle of a spray painting penguin that I was meant to paint on a sub zero night mission with Jaes.

Before getting started “Avenger” walked by the wall and chatted to us for a minute. This was sort of a big deal meeting him, considering he is a definite influence on my style. I guess this piece was done with his work in mind?

With Snow & Hefs

5 thoughts on “Avenger

  1. Awesome work bigup! I realy love this stile!
    When are you coming to Amsterdam? 😛

    Eser vns

  2. Did Avenger piece with the OSR crew, or was the Scope shout-out random?…I love it!!!! I remember Mars/Air 3…Dino….Take 5….Dea…but as i flip through my photo album of that era, I have no Avenger/Skope pieces side-by-side….just want to make sure I didn’t miss the boat if that went down….

  3. Avenger would have went stock tip and had some buff paint splats. Sometimes what inspires us does not always reflect in our work.
    Yo Teze, I think he’s talking about the Brooklyn SCOPE.

    • Didn’t know there was another….When I hear Skope, I’m thinking of the Seguine Avenue legend every time…thanks for the head’s up Cram.

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