Studio Painting In Paris

At Alain Dominique Gallizia’s studio working on pieces for his collection…

The inside of the studio was filled with tags, throw ups and pieces from writers old and new who painted work for the collection.. Notice the Quik & Comet throw ups!

Once finished with my work I convinced Revok to stand outside with my painting so I could snap some shots before it got dark. As he held the painting outside I realized the cowboy had two left hands (fuck!).

After an all nighter of drinking and painting at the studio we were all too tired to troop back to the hotel, so we passed out on couches that were too short to lay comfortably across. Cold as fuck we hunted for anything to keep us warm. Roids found a shower towel, Revok found some bubble wrap, And I kept searching, lucked out and found a movers blanket.

3 thoughts on “Studio Painting In Paris

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