Being A Graffiti Writer in Berlin

Being a graffiti writer. The kind of writer that Dennis Hopper thought was relevant, all while trying to maintain that idea you have of what a “real” writer is. Skipping the height of your art opening to attempt 7 minute backjumps, running away and failing, and being stupid enough to try the same spot the following night. Not like I can show everything I do on this blog anymore. You knowing how much of a supermodel I am prevents that business from going down these days. This strategy to get ahead with something that is defined by most as a dead end. Something that must be flipped and vaguely referenced in past tense. I love graffiti, but not that type that makes that flat screen TV money. I do like getting over and having fun. Business or street hustle. Persuasion and confidence. I like embracing the idea of being poor even though I am not anymore. I do own a few pairs of sunglasses. Word… Some photos from Berlin while we were out promoting The Exchange project book-

That signature Bates handstyle

Yes 2’s mix of past exchanges


Bates / Rime hybrid, Yes, Ensoe collage, Rime / Poet

Detail of Ensoe’s work

Serval sketches by Jurne

Serch paints a Jurne style sketch, Poet by Rime

Poet / Scotty 76 on Berlin Wall replica

Bates / SWK, Host / SWK

Bates signature roll call

“Shit he writes my name better that me!” – Jurne

Nakz, Jurne

Jurne again…

Seven fingers of fame… like mad fame!

The Exchange

Sabe, Bates, Serg by Serch, Jurne, Rime

4 thoughts on “Being A Graffiti Writer in Berlin

  1. I totally agree with your statement!
    I also started respecting your artwork more and more when I eventually stopped seeing it in the whole graffiti perspective,
    it’s only game you lose when you win it in my opinion…
    and on the streets you are always as good as your last work and you can’t keep that idea going when you get the fame you always wanted in the first place!
    I totally love you work man!

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