Interview With Crazy Legs

I found this photo of Crazy Legs along with an interview with him on the Bates blog. He is posing in front of a compact piece I painted on a wall in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, from 2007.

I am flattered that of all the pieces on the wall they chose my piece to shoot the photo in front of. I remember painting that piece with the intention of giving the finished product a throwback feel.

As the years go on and I continue to push my style in all sorts of odd directions, I do try to maintain or even bounce back to what I consider to be classic or timeless foundations in graffiti. As a stylist i feel it is important to know how to break down and paint many different periods of style. To do so in a way that is not so much a copy but more of a referencing of something established. Layered on top of that should always be your personal twist or meshing of the old with something new (hopefully).

Crazy Legs Interview:

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