While fishing for paint we came across some horror movie props-

Aroe painting a Rime piece. The beginning of his one man NETCH

Freestyling a Roids piece-

Mr. Wany-

Aroe’s Rime piece went through such a huge transformation from beginning to end. It started off flat and angled, then morphed into this organic, in depth battle that flowed from letter to letter. All I can remember is Aroe shouting every ten minutes or so, “I’m netching” or “I’m lost in the netch!”. The second half of his piece looked really fun to do-

Finished name swap: Rime by Aroe, Roids by Rime-

Aroe by Roids-

Full wall includes: Bepsy, Aroe, Rime, Mr. Wany, *Puppets – skull by Pencil, unfinished Wany, Aryz, Swet, Roids, unfinished Rebel-

*Puppet – An Italian term used to describe a character; used in place of the word “character”





Mr. Wany -w- Roids

How about Swet’s crazy reaching S’ to T’ connection?… Jeez-

One of the only restaurants open on a Sunday was this American themed spot named after the great Swayze classic-

R took on the Roadhouse special… Enough to drive the mildest vegetarian to tears-

After days of painting and a good night of drinking, we ended up at a local rec center where some of the visiting writers were sleeping. I saw the opportunity to organize a series of midnight dodgeball matches! We played for hours up until the alcohol wore off and our arms were thrown out-

4 thoughts on “MILAN, ITALY

  1. Really nice post man! I love these reports, and of course the styles 🙂 Freshness all the way. Cool that you hooked up and painted a bunch with swet! One of my childhood idols, including KENT, BATES and DARE RIP…

  2. On some next level shit there yes.
    The Rime Aroe was off the hook. Cool to see some organic style from him.

    Insane dude. The hat is off.

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