Eastern European Panel Action Mathematics

Filler and Driver (of Fiat) went to the store to buy cabbage, splif and vodka for trip to village to do 14 minute panel action with 60 percent success rate.
Driver told Filler that there was 4 guard wolves in the rear of the yard and there was 45 percent chance that 3/4ths of guard puppy would be snoozing.
If ride through woods to village in 2 door Fiat to yard fame takes 70 minutes, but there is 30 percent chance that traffic is heavy along 1/2 of path to fame, how many Checkers do Filler and Driver need to make the styles:

A) 2
B) 1
C) this depends upon time of day
D) Checkers are for little pampitas; Driver and Filler synchronize to smash skull of guard puppy with rock from earth and make stew from guard pig liver. Blampanchas!

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