Painting In San Diego

Photos from last weeks trip to San Diego with Dabs, Myla, Rime, & Persue

This is the first wall I ever painted on where a female was the letterist on the production. Myla did a great job executing this font!

A San Diego style hood rat showed up and gave a helping hand…

After a few hours of painting we headed out to the Viva La Revolucion exhibit… No photos of the art work, so says the plastic badged security guard…

When we returned to the wall the following day we worked straight into the night until we were done…

Dabs writes: “Before we knew it was One thirty in the morning and we still had the trip back to LA to deal with. But not before Joe added the final touches on the wall that made the day! He added in The Nakatomi Plaza building from Die Hard (with bullet holes and helicopters and everything), and Doc Brown from Back To The Future hanging from the clock on one of the building characters… Proving that sometimes its the little things that make a wall! SOLID GOLD!”

Persue’s Gorilla Dude…

Two guys throwing waterballoons at trannys…

Click image below for large format

9 thoughts on “Painting In San Diego

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  2. Love the movie theme, clean finish on everything!
    Very impressed with the black collage of the little guys and the helicopter, amazing can control!
    So who’s joe? u can email me back on
    What cap did Joe use for the helicopter and the little guys?

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