A few months back I was hired by Dolby to paint a piece on video in a rundown section of Los Angeles. For this piece I attempted to create something inspired by an excerpt from a 1951 documentary, on the process and philosophy of Jackson Pollock. A lot of what Pollock says in the following clip is relatable to my experiences with free-styling graffiti pieces. Pollock talks about the comfort and expressive feeling he gets when working large and loose. This way of approaching work has been something that I have focused on in the past 15 years of my 20 year career as a writer.

Painting this piece was quite fun but the finished product was not what I originally set out to do. I feel that the use use of softly applied spray painted lines contrasts too heavily against the layers of loosely thrown paint. I feel that I painted out too many interesting areas for the sake of producing a satisfactory piece on video. When a whole film crew is behind you pushing a camera across a track It can make you feel like you need to perform with unhesitant confidence or land every line you throw down. There should be no chance of you crapping out on camera with an experiment gone wrong. Towards the end of this piece I fell back on familiar techniques to give the finished product a polished look.

(Change the settings below to watch it in fullscreen)

If I was to attempt this tribute to Pollock again I would not use conventional or cleanly applied spray paint. Rather I would use something like a bug sprayer or smearing a black paint soaked roller on the wall to roughly outline. If spray paint is no longer necessary then I suppose I may as well try painting this style on a concrete floor? Gotta find a spot.

Jackson Pollock R.I.P

19 thoughts on “RIME FOR DOLBY DIGITAL

  1. It’s always good to try new technics. This work had a good result. I’m in graffiti since looong time and i really like your work. Thanks for what you do.
    Eric “You fail in art only when you give up”.

  2. Please attempt this tribute again. I’m not saying that because I did not like this piece, it’s solid like always, but because I know you can pull off the Pollock & RIME combo much better than this. I know if you were to try this again on your own time, whether it be a concrete floor or another wall, you would murder that S***!

    I never thought I would see the day when two of my favorite artists from two different worlds come together like this.Let’s see what you pull out of your magic hat.

    Keep it up Joe.

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  4. You know Irving Sandler has a story you might like in his book, Sweeper Up After Artists, about Willem de Kooning, who he met when he took a job gallery sitting in a space next door to deK’s studio (!). So Irving had this idea to make a video of deK painting, & deK agreed, and they took the camera over to the studio, and deK went at it, you know, doing all the stuff, and Irving’s like, this is great! And a couple weeks later, he runs into deK and asks him, where’s the painting, man? And deK says, Oh I destroyed it, that was all for show for you, baby. The way I really make a painting involves much more of me sitting in a chair looking at the canvas, which I didn’t think you’d like as much.

    • Great story, Thanks for sharing! I do agree that painting without spectators often produces different results. There are positives to performance painting, different influence, different energy, less time to over think things.

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  6. I haven’t seen the finished piece up close (Couldnt find it? Am I el-retardo?) but you have a very very clean style that seems to be completely rooted in your DNA. From what I gather, for you to go all loosey-goosey with the spray paint is sort of an oxymoron. Maybe use only fat caps, and slowing down your elite hand-spray action so you get some more drips and mess next time might do the trick….. you know, as the final layer to bring the background and foreground together.

    Whatevah, its a banger, looks like it was fun to do, so thats all that REALLY matters.


  7. The Style Intellect Rime, Dope piece and video but i tend to agree with everything you said about the outcome. I think a bugsprayer would work perfect in the next one but i still think you can utilize spray paint. The bug sprayer gives a exaggerated spray that splatters and throwing paint cant get. So the contrast isnt so much. Also when painting in any abstract manner it is extremely difficult to know when to stop or what to leave alone. I have myself ruined many great pieces by letting my normal piecing instincts to take over when stuck and in the end overwork a painting. Less is more is not just a cliche but sometimes necessary in cases like this. I hope you do attempt this again and if you need an partner to throw paint at a wall im always down with that. Great Inspiration as usual. Keep pushing it..

  8. Ya know the piece itself looks hot man. Nothing wrong with it. I see however your point in thinking that the clean spray paint with the dirty back ground kind of clashes. I do agree with the bug sprayer idea or something like that. What a bout a dirty grimy fill and outline also. More drips. less clean lines. Less lines that flow almost. something more random from Rime.

    Or what about using your back ground as your fill and painting your negative space?

    Either way man. Keep up the good work!

    Abuse 306

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  10. yo i also did o jackson pollock proyect in my town seville
    for o arquitects house
    check it out here
    peace! and respect!

    cn6 jackson pollock experiment

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  12. Words cant even start to explain how insane your art is, all i have to to say is that you’re the BEST GRAFFITI ARTIST IN THE WORLD!!! Hands down.

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  14. that is one of the burningist burners ever. it really brings art into the street and graffiti into the galery if that even makes sense. but i love the use of housepaint (because its cheap) jackson pollock would approve!

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  16. You should find the time to go see the studio pollock painted in. You get to walk on the overpour from some of the most expensive paintings on earth along with parts of priceless masterpieces. My journey to the studio and my attempts to understand his work started when i saw this video you did then bought a book a few years ago on a trip to east hampton on him by MOMA not realizing i was in his old stomping grounds and a few miles shy of where most of his highly influential work was done. Then finding out the proximity over the past summer i went and saw the place… it was almost religious walking on the floor.

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