Dabs & Myla Get Married

After many months of traveling, I wasted no time in joining a caravan of Australian tourists and California locals on a road trip to Las Vegas, for Dabs & Myla’s wedding. In a series of rentals we drove out to Vegas for a few days, then with the bulk of the wedding party, we headed over to Arizona to check out the Grand Canyon…

Eyewitness 😉

Midway through our drive from Vegas to the Grand Canyon we decided to stop off at a middle of nowhere exit for a piss break and some off road action in the rental.

Side note: at 31 seconds watch as Sergio’s hat, camera, and cell phone go flying out of the open door of the van. We had to drive back later that night to the same obscure exit to find his phone. Phone calls in the dark quiet night in the middle of nowhere…

How to roll:
– Put insurance on your ride
– Pull over in the middle of nowhere
– Blast classical music
– Try to avoid large boulders, mail boxes, and Australian tourists


It took over 31 years for me to see this place and i must say that photos do it no justice…

Majestic & shit…

I pissed off the side of a cliff at the Grand Canyon… Now I am a man!


On the car ride back I worked with Persue on this elaborate hand dance to Japanese surf music…

A behind the scenes video of one of several takes done on the drive back…

3 thoughts on “Dabs & Myla Get Married

  1. Nice post man! 🙂
    Funny read Wifi refrigerator and thought to myself “Wow, thats a new one, I wonder how that works…” for a split second before I realised …
    Anyway, good to see you guys are having fun and massive congrats to D&M for tying the knot 🙂

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