SUEME Joins The Exchange Project

Vancouver, Canada’s SUEME is the latest addition to The Exchange project. For the most recent updates on The Exchange go to:

BATES sketch by SUEME-

SUEME on creating the sketch: I just finished the Bates exchange sketch that we talked about. I did the sketch really big its about 38″ x 14″ in size. I found it to be a bit tricky when sketching it out with pencil but inking with a sharpie was really fun and seemed easier than any of my previous graffiti sketches. let me know if you need a higher res. file. I have attached two pieces, one is just the sketch by itself, and the second one I added a background to it really quickly in photoshop to separate the piece from its white background(its a bit easier to read whats going on).

2 thoughts on “SUEME Joins The Exchange Project

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