Graffiti Battle in Auckland, New Zealand

Last week Revok, Jaes and I were invited out to Auckland, New Zealand to judge a graffiti battle in the southern part of the city. Writers teamed up into groups of two and were given a theme or source of inspiration, just before the competition began. I decided to give the contestants the phrase “then, now, and tommorrow” as a starting point. Some ran with it loosely while others stuck to what seemed safe or predictable.

The competition was really close towards the end. We ran into a bit of a conflict as to who won the competition. Berst & Deus really pulled out a fresh product but I was hesitant to decide in their favor due to their use of stencils patterns added to the piece. I feel that in a battle situation it’s best to keep things freehand, it sort of helps to even things out.

First place tie: Berst & Deus painting an “Evolve” piece with characters & theme…

First place tie: Phat1 & Has1 painting a “Graffiti” piece with characters & theme. A classic straight forward style with some updated twists and balance.

Other finished products in the order of interest…

“Time” by Monty & Dyskyze

“Timeless Style” by Stray & 2Flash painting a “Style” piece with characters & theme. Great piece but the character and background could not compete with the others…

“2010 to 2100” by Saves & Wert 159

“Evolution” by Faym & Sage

Gasp & Vans

“Teleport” by Tawck & Dice

“93 Til Infinity” by FDKNS

Brato & Sid

“Time” by Kost & ??

Revok and I threw this together during the end of the day…

2 thoughts on “Graffiti Battle in Auckland, New Zealand

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  2. Definately agree with the top few choices. I’d go with the Berst and Deus because i feel it had better composition using the square shape. The characters are wicked too. The timeless style piece is dope too but the character just doesn’t have it. Great blog btw. Enjoy reading. Peace from SINY


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