Headed out to Miami for this years Art Basel / Primary Flight. There were double the amount of artists painting this year which was quite an overload. The streets were taken over buy a flood of writers who were on a mission to paint as much as possible. As soon as the allocated spots were filled, writers spread onto neighboring buildings, taking over blocks in the fashion district. No time to post it all, but it’s not hard to find anywhere else on the net.

sketching on the flight down…

Straight to work…

Sketch used for the first piece…

Finished piece with a bit of deviation from the original sketch…

South Beach time out…

Brought out another sketch…

The finished product…

Riding equipped…

Charlie Brown getting bagged by undercovers…

Alcohol, a spray can, and a fucked up sense of humor…

Name swap with Revok…

See more photos on Flickr from:
Luna Park

6 thoughts on “MIAMISM

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  2. i like that youre using outlines/sketches for your work!more of that please…
    i missed out,hopefully next time ill be there….time will tell!

  3. Talented JerseyJoe!

    The guy on the beach way hilarious and the hot tub scene almost made me ill.
    Pretty lady with the long dark hair looks same as girl with her mouth open.Great photos of Jim Davis and you. Garfield was terrific.
    Cool tags !
    Keep the photos and videos coming.
    Fan of your writing and photo shoots.

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