I was told that Panama City was going to be much like Miami. Aside from a couple of similar looking high rise condos, the cities seem totally opposite. Tourism hasn’t completely caught on in Panama City, and I would say that most of the areas I spent time in were pretty grimy. Since Panama’s currency is the US dollar, much of the cost for food or other products is similar to back home. There are a few costs that are cheaper such as taxis or bus transportation.

As far as graffiti goes, the scene started up in 2000. It was interesting to hear local writers referring to those who started then as “old school”. The scene now is small with a few guys painting heavily. The city has not really embraced graffiti and does not seem to fully understand what we do. This is beneficial to writers there because it allows them to get over on spots in the day that would be quite difficult to do otherwise.

It seems safer to take a chance painting spots in the day than at night…

CASO 3 is the most active writer in Panama City. He does everything from tags, throw ups, pieces and characters. Most everything he does is illegal, including this street piece with Nosm…

Stock caps, Accents & hot weather on Xmas Day…

Island retreat…

Rainbow brand is a female valve spray used by Panamanian writers. Like American brands some colors are thicker than others. Just about all of the piece below was painted with Rainbow…


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  2. Wow, That’s my hood, I was raised there, back in the early 80’s.
    shit was insane when Bush Senior, attacked us on Christmas of 91 then
    killed my 8 year old cuz and injured a bunch of unarmed children and families.

    So you yeah, Seventh Letter & MSK family in Panama we got love for yalls.
    I wish we could off meet out there my whole fam, is out there

    I want to start so Zulu chapters in my hood…

    One love fam keep up the great work.

    • What about blaming the right person, like your General Noriega? Bush was called by Panamanians to take the drug addicted dictator out, those who unwisely allowed their children to stay in the middle suffer losses. Remember that Noriega let out of jail a bunch of criminals and gave them guns, the rest of crooks went into the business in La Central a robar instead of helping the injured or taking their families away from the area. Losers always blame someone else for what happens, sad, really sad.

  3. very nice pictures, like almost…the old man on the beach scares me man..whats this, a grizzly, never seen this spezies lol

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