Shame on me for asking “what’s the point of the LA Clippers” in a room of drunken basketball fanatics. Drowned out by an ongoing debate about the poor man’s Lakers, I had nothing to do but find something creative to occupy my time… Got into some keepin’ it real table stacking!

With so much great crap around me I got really creative with how far and assorted the pile could go…

Stacked from the base:
– Tequila bottle 1/3 full
– Book on firearms
– Filler books including National Geographic
– 2 VHS porno tapes
– Bar of surf wax
– Nearly empty box of Cocoa Puffs cereal
– 8 used party style plastic cups
– 1 Hustler magazine
– An Empty and abused beer bottle
– A bottle of 5 Hour Energy

All equals to mad props!

Next attempt was with surfboards…

Stacked from the base:
– Empty bottle of vodka
– 2 Hustler magazines
– 1 Surfboard
– Stack of National Geographic magazines
– 1/3 full bottle of wine
– 1 VHS porno tape
– Another surfboard


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