Never in my 20 yrs. Of writing graffiti, did I expect to get called in at the last minute, to paint a BLADE piece on the side of a museum… go figure?


  1. man… you must be really hungry to fakin the funk like that…
    i was thinking that you got some consideration for yourself and for the mouvement, but this thing is the absolute negation of both.
    putting a fake graff instead a real one .
    sorry, but it’s so ugly .
    BLADE, KATSU ,RIME, fucked up by curators. i cant belive it. these people dont got the balls to do anything these three people have done, but with their money and evil coked brain, the succeed to toy them all.
    say NO . bomb this paint .please. dont let them win.

  2. Pablo, your tripin. Wait until you see pictures from the opening. You will bite your tounge. This is a historic exhibit. Everyone rocked it. That blade piece is a great tribute. I can’t believe all the work that is in one place. Great job on everyones part. I’m just trying to figure out how many days I need to plan on spending there so I can see everything. So much art and photos. Right on guys.

  3. Blade is honored & moved by this huge memorial to him!
    He is very happy that he was paid homage by such talented
    A special shout out & thanks to Rime,Roger Gastman & everyone who is
    responsible for this huge tribute to him & his characters!

    The MOCA will be remembered for all eternity for the magnitude of
    impressive art is is displaying in this show.
    Our hats off to Jeffrey Deitch for giving such a profound event!

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