Years ago Ricardo Martinez aka “ONE TIME” was finishing film school at NYU. Fresh from a stressful arrest and battle with the courts, I was approached by Ric repeatedly to do an interview on camera for a small film project. At the time I was pretty fed up with graffiti and blamed much of the issues I had in life on my obsession with it. With much hesitation I let him come around and film a bit. According to a recent conversation with Ric, the film project lost it’s momentum after I threatened to go to Manhattan with my brother Demos to beat him up if he didn’t return the tapes. Can’t say I’m too stoked about this thing popping up on the internet after over 10 years, but fuck it.

Les Enfants from Ricardo Martinez on Vimeo.

Ric has a better and more recent documentary floating around online. He spent several months down at the Mexican / American border documenting the issues with fencing up the border…

The Wall Promo from Ricardo Martinez on Vimeo.

4 thoughts on “2000 TIME CAPSULE

  1. Ha haaaaa… Well at least you don’t come off sounding like a douche 🙂 you have to admit its still very much fun to watch… Time flies! Peaceroni

  2. I actually think your part is great and an honest portrayal of the struggle writers, and artists in general, go through as they’re forced to grapple with what they’ve dedicated their lives to. An artistic life has its ups and downs; no shame in speaking your mind during a trying time. Thanks for posting this.

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