Graffiti Burners
by Björn Almqvist

The crème de la crème of graffiti pieces collected in a new Dokument Press book. 145 of the best and most recent work of the world’s foremost graffiti writers, more than 70 of whom comment on the pieces and say what burners mean to them.

Contributors include Askew, Bates, Ces, Does, Dwane, Egs, Ether, Horfe, Kacao77, Kem, Nomad, Os Gemeos, Poet, Puppet, Revok, Rime, Skore, Smash 137, Swet, T-Kid, Vans The Omega, Wane, Yes 2 and ZZ Top.

“The meaning of a burner is when another writer looks at that
piece and says that shit is on fire. Even the average person will
look at it and say it’s hot!”
– Bio, TATS

“A burner needs to suck the life out of every other piece near it
and stand alone, as the focus, the centre of attention.”

I was asked a series of questions to go with my contribution in the book. Here is a bit of what I said…

What is a burner to you?
A burner has energy and attitude. It is a revealing look into the painters soul. It’s large and has depth. It’s sophisticated but clear. A great piece explains style, maintains tradition but abuses it all at the same time… Like getting a compliment from a witty sarcastic fuck who has had too much to drink that night; subtle but in your face.

What is a burner, what makes a burner, what is the meaning of a “burner”
The word burner is a bit out dated. Shit sounds like the name of a gay club.

What are your goals as a writer?
To understand myself through my work

Do you have any “trick” that you could share about how to create a burner?
Be yourself. You are influenced by everything that makes you feel something. Nothing laid out for you is a perfect fit. Sort through it.

Get your copy HERE


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