3 thoughts on “TIE / SEO RIP


    THIZZ IZ TICKET” YBR (YOUR BISHEZZ RETARDED) KREW / THEFS (THE HARDEST EVER F**KEN SEEN)KREW met TIEONE in middle school back in 1994 grew up started as toys slowly got better month by month teach each other styles, get up every damn street, bus route, heavens, roof tops, racking city by city through out the bay area that what up ain’t no joking homie! Tieone first tag nickname was CR8TiVE then SESK then when he met TWISTER” THR (those heavy retarded)KREW that when he change SESK into TIE/SEO. TIEONE wanted me to be there watch his back but at times i get kick out of caltrain trying to sneak mode. told tie that can’t always be there to watch out his back and their crazy ppl out there who live in S.F. TieOne doesn’t analyze what will guna happen??? iknew TieOne got caught over 15 times but his rich parent won’t let TieOne go through prison life, TieOne is very lucky to have a parent watch over their kids and pay their crimes to make the judge STFU (shut the f**k up)

    sucks i miss out TieOne funeral day and buried… found out tie death from one of my old friend SOLVE YBR tried to get a hold of me but the next day. seen it live on TV news… i cried for him, went crazy street kings, xtc addicted almost died, on the run over 13 years pigs tried to find me but they gave up that what up homies!

    On the other hand what make me piss off about frisko rumors tieone born in frisko fool got me f**k up, tie grew up in SANTA CLARA city (south bay) Piece by Piece doc video Saber msk-awr krew is one good f**kn lair he doesn’t know Tie all the way like i knew Tieone like my brother that what up! everybody in santa clara city knew tieone ain’t no joke but they all are haters.


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