It’s an honor to get my name painted by BERST, one of the best writers to come out in the past few years.

As I’ve said to Berst, graffiti is a young man’s game. Stylistically, It’s up to the new generation not only to be “just as good as”, but to surpass the generation before. I believe he is on the right track.

“There’s aspects I like of the piece but I didn’t really get to flex properly, didn’t really have space and negative space to put the ‘S’ but i squeezed it in anyway.

I guess in terms of painting other peoples names for me I call it the “Dedication Project”, pieces dedicated to people in my crew, friends, people I meet on my travels. Also in a way to pay homage to peoples work that I admire. On top of that I guess painting different letters, bring a level of freestyle back instead of sketching the same name heaps, eliminate the ego of myself and let somebody else get a buzz when they see their name in another country? I guess knowing that when u go out to paint somebody elses name, you’re thinking “I can’t wait to see wat so and so thinks of this” instead of stroking my own ego. all in all doing your best to do the other persons name justice of course.”

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