3 thoughts on “DETROIT

  1. lmao
    yall should bring yo asses to south america!
    the whole continent looks like the D! 😛
    is a cheap ass place to visit!
    greetings gringos!

  2. The first body to be found was that of Debbie Friday, 31, who was last seen alive Dec 8. She cooked a dinner of steak and macaroni and cheese and vegetables for her infirm aunt at a home on Detroit’s west side, then did the dishes and prepared to go out. She was happy enough to tell her aunt a joke as she headed for the door….

    “Who’s the guy this time?” her aunt asked, squelching the unease she felt about Friday leaving, knowing she might be gone for several days.

    “He’s a guy I know in Highland Park” Friday said. “I have to meet him over there”

    With a laugh and a wave Friday was gone.

    On Dec 14 she was found strangled, beaten, and bound in the basement of a cavernous, pitch black, double-wing apartment at 170 Elmhurst, near Woodward….

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