You may have seen the above piece somewhere else online and thought ” Yeah, Rime got lazy on that one” or “That shit is whatever”, but to me this piece was a real accomplishment because it’s the first time I painted an involved piece with characters with my left hand (I’m right handed).

(photo KC Ortiz)

After countless all nighters and sleep deprived days on the road cross country we ended up at a wall in Denver. With blah inspiration I sketched two or three R’s on the wall. Lacking the enthusiasm to follow through with any of them I decided to do a left handed piece.

The biggest challenge is when fatigue sets in. You realize how much your good hand has adapted after years of painting. I’d say the first half of painting with your bad hand is more of a mental exercise, as far a trying to direct your hand and arm properly. After that the pain starts to set in and it becomes harder and harder to press down on the can. Towards the end of this piece my hand and forearm felt as loose and worn as an old rubber band.

Failing repeatedly on a few lines towards the end, I cheated and snuck in a couple of right handed strokes; mainly on the bottom left of the “G” and on this tech connection thing on the top of the “A”. The characters were hard to do mainly because I saved them for the end. Tagging seemed easiest just as long as you could find a comfortable lean in the letters.

I’ve painted a few left handed pieces over the years, the first one was painted in 2000 on a wall facing the Williamsburg Bridge in Brooklyn. This “Lefty” piece was done with Rustoleum and I remember having a lot of fun doing it…

Another left handed piece (Yo’Son) from 2006, painted in a lot in Hollywood with Osh and American Accents brand paint. I mention the type of paint because I feel that American brand paint has a stiffer, harder to press valve compared to foreign brands…

I did two or three more but I’d have to dig them up.

3 thoughts on “BAD HAND IN DENVER

  1. I remember standing there watching you paint that piece til it was finished. Still turned out pretty dope!

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