Bumping around Facebook today, I noticed a friend suggestion in the top right corner that read “Da Original Stay High 149”. Out of curiosity and possibly a laugh I clicked on the link and found pictures and info from a 56 year old man that claims to be the first Stay High 149. Luis Berrios claims that he started writing the name “Stay High 149” in 1966 along side his cousin who wrote “The Saint” accompanied with a smoking stick figure. Berrios claims that Wayne Roberts saw their tags and copied their work years later.

Here is a High Times interview with Luis Berrios the self proclaimed original Stay High…

Below: A photo from the Myspace profile of Luis Berrios. Berrios claims that he did this tag on 138st in the Bronx, in 1968 or 1969.

Below: No exact year claimed. Judging by the cans on the floor this piece was painted in the late 80’s or later.

Berrios’ current Stay High 149 work…

Berrios Facebook profile
Berrios Myspace profile – Covers his story more in depth. How he met Per One and crew in 1991 while they were painting the side of his Bodega.

This story seems far fetched and reminds me of the countless people I have met in the past that have claimed to be another notable writer. Berrios has no real proof other than the words from his mouth and some debatable pics. Even my half cousins father tried to convince me that he was Lee TF5, and that he also wrote Mack on subways, in the Bronx during the early 1980’s. Some people go to great lengths to get you to believe a flat out lie, or at best a slight truth. Who knows what to believe these days? Most graffiti is pulled from inspiration in and out of the scene. Actually, I think this Berrios is a complete fraud, caught up with the continued maintenance of a lifelong lie.

I believe that this Stay High controversy was best concluded by @149th Street HERE. Or read more on this debate from Freedom, JSon, Bio and others on High Times

(Below) Wayne Roberts aka the legendary Stay High 149


  1. Only one way to settle this debate, right Jersey Joe. Gotta get these two old timers to battle it out for names!! Hahaha

  2. If you guys were listening you would have heard that Luis Berrios is not trying to take his “30 years of damages” away. Point is he talked shit and the truth had to be told. Just cause you wrote it down, doesn’t mean he owned it first…. It’s called copycat and he should just give respect to Luis Berrios for inspiring him to imitate.

  3. I knew Wayne more than 40 years ago when a star still shines, and always will . “Stay High 149” R.I.P.

    SJK 171

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