I always hated trying to fit a piece within these proportions. It’s still a challenge to center or avoid clipping the edges. I’d rather paint outside…

15 thoughts on “COLORING BOOK

  1. I hear ya on being constrained on the proportions of the 8.5″ x 11″ black book page. I need 11″ x 17″, but its still too small for me. You fit it in though, fresh work!

  2. Good Shit Joe, Growing up staten seeing your old work and too see what you evovle too just keeps me in mind that theres is no limit to what you can do . . .

  3. I am from SI and back in the day I wrote “Legun / Sert” with Osmar, Lawe and Sabe, I am starting this new website called and I really need photos and content for the site, can you contact me so I can maybe use your photos for the site?


  4. You have great control of where the spray goes. I can never get it where I want it.
    Can’t wait to see my book.

  5. Tight work as always. I used to write based in Jerz back in the day, always respected your work that surrounded me. Definition of style with tight tech. Sick stuff man, respect.

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