Last year while in Detroit, Revok took us to a long abandoned police station in the Highland Park section of Detroit. Wandering around, I came across a bunch of records left behind, scattered across the floors inside for several years. Below are a few arrest sheets I worked on. All of the arrests below happened between ’90 – ’95.

Anton Miller (above) got picked up for a warrant back in 1992. I incorporated the possible details of a 6am police raid on his home. Those who have had their doors kicked in at the crack of dawn can relate.

Ernest Cox, arrested March 4, 1995

Steven Whitfield, Charge: Disorderly Person

Ron Louis, Charge: Failure To Appear for Arraignment On Loitering – Making it rain, washed into the system, grab hold, get fucked or stuck on repeat

Demetrius Barnes, Charge: Receiving & Concealing (a good time)


      • Detroit is 82% black if that’s what you mean. Highland Park itself has got to be in the high 90s.

  1. So…
    1) Shouldn’t those records have been disposed of properly, since they contain Social Security numbers and personal information.

    2) Since I would assume that many of the people are still alive, what are the ramifications of posting their personal information (specifically their SSN) on the web without their permission.

    While I think the concept is cool, I would be contacting a lawyer if this was my information spread across the web. Thoughts?

    • -It is extremely irresponsible of the police to leave all this information behind and so easily accessible.Some of these files were found outside!

      – While making the work I thought “why cover police mistakes or lack of consideration” in handling old files? I thought it would work more as a work of art to expose the situation for what it is, by leaving personal details to see in the work.

      I only picked up about 30 of these sheets out of possible hundreds or thousands scattered all over the place. Putting this online is definitely another layer I’m still thinking about. I see it more as art than a document.

      Thanks for asking.

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