2 thoughts on “CLEAN OR DIRTY

  1. Cleaning is such an underestimated thing and yet is the cause of so many arguments, between family members, husband and wife and particularly landlord and tenant. Cleaning is always “someone elses” job. Few take responsibility for their own environment.

    When you consider the health benefits of getting rid of dust and dirt, the mental benefits of de-cluttering and the positive effect of cleaning to the environment around you it can be considered an all round “do good” task, not to mention the calories you burn when you undertake the cleaning!

  2. A lot of people say ”white lies” in order to remain loyal in our finding a
    new boyfriend. Feeling Unhappy and Unsatisfied:
    You may find that they are that way isbecause you are NOT
    that way! I was also embarrassed to admit that I was

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