‘This is a short documentary I made about the process behind the creation of Rime’s upcoming show ‘Up On Through’ during his two month residency in Paris. Having begun several very laborious works back in our Brooklyn studio, it was very interesting to focus more on what was created in situ within the exhibition space. Rime speaks about his journey, process and philosophy whilst working with an array of wilder tools ranging from fire extinguishers and weed sprayers to brushes and brooms – trying to find the balance between his recognisable illustrative style and the more free aesthetic that comes with employing less orthodox methods of painting. This documentary was made over seven weeks as I worked as his assistant for his third solo show at Wallworks – this allowed me incredible insight and access to the workings behind this latest body of paintings.’ – Elliot O’Donnell

Shot & cut by Elliot O’Donnell

Billboard Art Project in Paris

Revok Roids & I were invited to participate in a live painting event in an upscale section of Paris. The work we painted that weekend would eventually hang on the building walls above for a period of time, and then would go off to a charity auction.

Dems in the center

12 year old Parisian writers

Finished Revok canvas

While the event was going on, this old lady approached one of the writers and asked to borrow his marker. Moments later she was nowhere to be found, so he assumed she jacked him for the marker. When walking down the street to run an errand I spotted her at work decorating the tags on the side of one of the wooden cubicles. Listen to her talk about her experience with Mescaline…

Finished canvas

Alain holding it down

Studio Painting In Paris

At Alain Dominique Gallizia’s studio working on pieces for his collection…

The inside of the studio was filled with tags, throw ups and pieces from writers old and new who painted work for the collection.. Notice the Quik & Comet throw ups!

Once finished with my work I convinced Revok to stand outside with my painting so I could snap some shots before it got dark. As he held the painting outside I realized the cowboy had two left hands (fuck!).

After an all nighter of drinking and painting at the studio we were all too tired to troop back to the hotel, so we passed out on couches that were too short to lay comfortably across. Cold as fuck we hunted for anything to keep us warm. Roids found a shower towel, Revok found some bubble wrap, And I kept searching, lucked out and found a movers blanket.

Digging Through The Archives In Paris

We were recently invited to Alain Dominique Gallizia’s studio in Paris France and asked to create some work for his collection.

The inside of the building was filled floor to ceiling with art work spanning over 30 years in graffiti. Many of these works were filed on the floor, leaning against room walls.

One of the first pieces that caught my eye was this Asia (Dondi) & Paris (Noc) canvas from the early 80’s. It was just leaning against other paintings on the floor in a dimly lit hallway. It was the second time I had seen a Dondi piece in person and being the nerd that I am, I spent some time scrutinizing every technical line or cut in his work. I tried to figure out what type of caps and paint he may have used to paint this reasonably quick piece.

Dondi / Noc 167

Crash & Jon 156 (behind)

Mad by Seen

Taki 183, Stay High 149, Blade, Crash

Seen, Quik, Revolt, Iz The Wiz

Jon 156, Doze, Bando, Spirit

Mode 2


Digging through the layers of canvases I started to uncover some rare pieces…

Psycho by Seen



Math by Dondi

Detail showing the instant line quality in his work

Signature on back of canvas

Phase 2

Collage by Rammellzee



There were tons more paintings to see but it’s best not to show them in this way. These works will hopefully be on display in a museum in the near future. Motivated by this massive collection we headed upstairs in the studio to work on our pieces for the collection.


After months of traveling I kept it going by heading out to France with Revok. Going off an all nighter in LA we went straight to the airport-

Picked up in the early morning from the airport just outside of Paris, we wasted no time and started painting-

Dizer GT


Once done we rushed to the other side of town where a second group of writers were waiting to paint another wall with us-






Delirious and hungry we headed out to grab some pizza and proceeded to draw some tributes inspired by french culture on the table top-

Roids is a real artists!-