12 thoughts on “STORE

  1. Hello wondering if you still gonna sell your sticker packs soon again? I missed out on the chance whwn they where up for a limited time, think you can sell me a pack
    ? Thanks plz reply

  2. I was in Volkingen, Germany in July and saw your “Un-Unprotect” 2014 in an art show at the Enesco World Heritage Old Iron Factory. I have never experienced graffiti art in a gallery setting – the colors blew me away. They were so vibrant. It was awesome. Is that work for sale? Do you have other works of that size available? Congratulations on your talent.

    John Heath

  3. Hey Joe,

    Will you be restocking your store with sticker packs…I realise I’m very slow on this. I approached you before your last Paris show about my charity sticker project (New submissions from Aroe and Gary MSK) so realising your busy schedule would be happy to pay for a pack to use as a submission. Let me know if that could work?


    Matt @gcasfm

  4. Can we get a Zoo York board in the shop? My last name is York and I’m a fan of anything Zoo York and have a few decks. My friend told me about you doing some stuff for Zoo York and that you might have a board available. Any way to make that happen?

    • Hi Eric, there are a handful of decks left, check out the store at this is the absolute final inventory.

  5. What up. Not to sure if you would still have that,
    Break the law shirt from. I cant find them anywhere. I had jacket awhile ago, but it would be cool to get another one. Or if you know where i can get a hat with that logo that would be sick.

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