This year The Seventh Letter teamed up with Klughaus Gallery and Live from The Streets to create an out of the box experience merging live music with the violation of rented moving trucks. With Meca (Seventh Letter’s right hand man) drumming on the roof of the trucks throughout the week, the constant drinking of Budweiser, and the group sampling of phychedelics we are sure to bring you an entertaining trip video within the next month. Razor blade.

Random photos without further explanation…


Here is a quick recap of Art Basel 2011 Miami. Interviews with Rime MSK, Sacha Jenkins, and the Dirty Dr.Dax, and more. Sadly this video took a bit longer to release than most, due to my unfortunate false arrest a couple of days after my arrival, in which my footage was all erased by the Dade County Police. – DAKS

Music provided by: Jamel Ferrerr

you can read more about the arrest here….…


50 Characters in a row-

This year in Miami the goal was to find a long enough wall to try a new concept, treating bunched characters like a repeated series of throw ups. I wanted to create something that had a similar feel to what writers of the 70’s & 80’s would paint end to end across subway cars.




The hope was to paint something that grabbed attention for a few seconds while riding by. The longer the wall, the better. With this in mind, I sketched up the idea using the characters eyes as a constant repeating form. Not knowing how long the wall I would end up painting would be, I showed up with only 12 characters and a “YO” throw up sketched…

Getting started with a serieds of “O” shaped ovals, I ended up marking out spaces for a total of 50 characters.

Having only 13 sketched out I had to freestyle the last 37. This was a real pain in the ass due to all of the foot traffic, chaos, and people approaching me while working over the weekend.

(above) Pad, Bandit, Christ, Snuffed, Yo I’m stuffed, Batman, Organic chicken breast, B-boy

(above) Michael Angelo, Seduction, Great Scott, Manually pleased, Tiger claw, Half assed Raf (noticed misplaced hump zzz…), Open

I am happy with the finished result. Some parts are lacking balance, some have funny errors, but it’s a good attempt at something I will try again. This wall looks best in person, or while driving 45mph down NE Miami Ave…

click to view large (above photo: lea bruno)

A video of the whole Miami trip will be released in the next few weeks via:

*Some photos vicked from AllCityStreetArt & Arrested Motion

Snort This TV In MIA With MSK

Art Basel 2009 In MIA With MSK from SNORT THIS TV on Vimeo.

Snort This TV: “This is a sample of what I saw while rolling around Miami with MSK at the 2009 Art Basel. We rolled by Primary Flight, an Art show featuring MSK, Ron English, Shepard Ferry, and many more. Soundtrack by Rob Wonder. Editing by Sumner. It ain’t nothin special, But I didn’t see you there, so I guess it’s worth watching. Catch all the still shots by me and even better one’s that were stolen from Revok and Skylicious on Until next time,Keep suckin!!!”

Art Basel 2009

It seemed like a must to attend Art Basel this year in Miami. Just about everyone involved within Graffiti or the so called “Street Art” scene was in attendance. There was so much going on during the week that I barely had a chance to see it all. I feel that the work that was going on in the street was much more interesting than anything on display in the galleries.

I would have to say this was the best art event I have ever been to. No fights or unnecessary drama, just positive attitudes and top notch work. Much respect to Books, Typoe & Slow for helping to make this year a success.

A rough sketch of the “South Beach Savior”

Rain Delay

I decided to try another Graffiti piece. The letter combination is a real challenge. It is suspected that Miami style Jesus is blessing the piece with cocaine ala Scarface (see Sever’s)

The Witnes




Kem5, Rath, & Prey



What you like, What you do, & You

A quick piece, done with left over cans from the most recent "Graffiti" piece. Stuck on the tropical sunset color scheme

I am not the first to do most of the things that I do. It’s my take on things I’ve thought about or that influenced me. I’ve seen plenty examples of people who did similar methods (past and present).

I’m more concerned with innovation or building on past ideas, rather than forced inventiveness. I feel that the more you experiment (let go) the more likely that you will stumble upon something new, or at least new to you.

I feel that the fear of doing something that has been done before is what keeps people stuck in the same bullshit that they have been running for the past 10 or so years. Identities that fit within a box.

If your personality is truly tied in with your work, if your work is a natural reflection of yourself. Then what you do (original or not) will always be uniquely yours, no matter what style you do. Established ideas should get filtered through you with an interesting spin or straight up referenced without apology.