Letters First Soldier Getting Hypnotized In Times Square

While the Letters First minions were out in Times Square creatively panhandling we couldn’t help but notice this guy Mr. P hypnotizing a guy in a Spiderman costume. After watching a second hypnosis demonstration and feeling skeptical, I ordered Canadian head minion, Ayo Son to go over and volunteer to be hypnotized. Ayo was given strict instructions to fight the hypnosis in an effort to truly test it’s validity.

3:00 Ayo is under Mr.P’s control
6:17 He knocks him out cold
7:44 the cops show up to break up the crowd while Ayo is knocked out

I was shocked to discover hypnosis is real. As best as Ayo could fight it, he fell under the spell and was at the mercy of MR.P.


This year The Seventh Letter teamed up with Klughaus Gallery and Live from The Streets to create an out of the box experience merging live music with the violation of rented moving trucks. With Meca (Seventh Letter’s right hand man) drumming on the roof of the trucks throughout the week, the constant drinking of Budweiser, and the group sampling of phychedelics we are sure to bring you an entertaining trip video within the next month. Razor blade.

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