GRAFFITI /// Bates, Great, Poet, Soten
STREET ART /// Kissmama, Basco5, Don John, Miss Take

Well Done Daphne presents a giant exhibition with graffiti and street art at Carlsberg. The exhibition runs from the 19th of November through the 19th of December, 2011.


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Being A Graffiti Writer in Berlin

Being a graffiti writer. The kind of writer that Dennis Hopper thought was relevant, all while trying to maintain that idea you have of what a “real” writer is. Skipping the height of your art opening to attempt 7 minute backjumps, running away and failing, and being stupid enough to try the same spot the following night. Not like I can show everything I do on this blog anymore. You knowing how much of a supermodel I am prevents that business from going down these days. This strategy to get ahead with something that is defined by most as a dead end. Something that must be flipped and vaguely referenced in past tense. I love graffiti, but not that type that makes that flat screen TV money. I do like getting over and having fun. Business or street hustle. Persuasion and confidence. I like embracing the idea of being poor even though I am not anymore. I do own a few pairs of sunglasses. Word… Some photos from Berlin while we were out promoting The Exchange project book-

That signature Bates handstyle

Yes 2’s mix of past exchanges


Bates / Rime hybrid, Yes, Ensoe collage, Rime / Poet

Detail of Ensoe’s work

Serval sketches by Jurne

Serch paints a Jurne style sketch, Poet by Rime

Poet / Scotty 76 on Berlin Wall replica

Bates / SWK, Host / SWK

Bates signature roll call

“Shit he writes my name better that me!” – Jurne

Nakz, Jurne

Jurne again…

Seven fingers of fame… like mad fame!

The Exchange

Sabe, Bates, Serg by Serch, Jurne, Rime