SACE Tribute – One color fill-ins

After a long while of doing multi colored pieces it was nice returning to a one color fill-in. It reminded me of when I painted pieces in the mid to late 90’s. During that time I primarily spent hours experimenting with letter structure in my work and avoided the distraction of inlayed designs or backgrounds. For the newer writers who read this blog I strongly recommend that you try doing a series of pieces where you are limited to a single color for fill-in and a single color for outline. This will hopefully help you to strengthen your overall style and give you a better sense or where you are at.

Messing around with so many colors can really slow down your painting process, and at times restrict the natural flow you might have otherwise. When working with a one color base, you have more freedom to experiment and allow your outline to fall within a more flexible area. Painting in this way is sort of like molding something out of clay; cutting, pushing into, pulling out, and layering areas with ease.