50 Characters in a row-

This year in Miami the goal was to find a long enough wall to try a new concept, treating bunched characters like a repeated series of throw ups. I wanted to create something that had a similar feel to what writers of the 70’s & 80’s would paint end to end across subway cars.




The hope was to paint something that grabbed attention for a few seconds while riding by. The longer the wall, the better. With this in mind, I sketched up the idea using the characters eyes as a constant repeating form. Not knowing how long the wall I would end up painting would be, I showed up with only 12 characters and a “YO” throw up sketched…

Getting started with a serieds of “O” shaped ovals, I ended up marking out spaces for a total of 50 characters.

Having only 13 sketched out I had to freestyle the last 37. This was a real pain in the ass due to all of the foot traffic, chaos, and people approaching me while working over the weekend.

(above) Pad, Bandit, Christ, Snuffed, Yo I’m stuffed, Batman, Organic chicken breast, B-boy

(above) Michael Angelo, Seduction, Great Scott, Manually pleased, Tiger claw, Half assed Raf (noticed misplaced hump zzz…), Open

I am happy with the finished result. Some parts are lacking balance, some have funny errors, but it’s a good attempt at something I will try again. This wall looks best in person, or while driving 45mph down NE Miami Ave…

click to view large (above photo: lea bruno)

A video of the whole Miami trip will be released in the next few weeks via:

*Some photos vicked from AllCityStreetArt & Arrested Motion